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Written by Hans Summers   
Saturday, 11 July 2009 08:44

How to open the radio without breaking it!

(Remember, it DID only cost £2.99, and it isn't very strongly made!)

First, take out the batteries (if you have put any in yet). On the back of the radio there is a flap of plastic which flips out and allows the radio to stand up on a table. When the flap is flipped, there is a small screw behind it which must be removed. Next, notice a small switch on the righthand side of the radio, next to the tuning thumbwheel. It says LowHigh: I think it means AF bandwidth, that's CW/SSB to you and I! The switch pops off using a small screwdriver, knife, paperclip or whatever. Finally, the two halves of the case have to be unclicked: gentle pressure with a screwdriver or small knife to prise apart the two halves should be applied to the clip points which are on the top and bottom of the radio (the long edges of the rectangle). That's it. When putting it back together: be sure to align the slider switch knob with the actual switch inside; also, be very careful not to overtighten any screws since the plastic posts they screw into are very soft plastic and will easily split.

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