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Written by Hans Summers   
Saturday, 13 June 2009 06:13
G0UPL was now QRV on 30m QRSS, from Wednesday 25-Aug-04 at 2130 UT until 27-Oct-04.

The map (right) shows locations of receiving stations to date. Best DX is Steinar LA5VNA (1,159 km) but on 10MHz it is even harder to be as close as Erik ON4LP (238km) or Pierre ON5SL (274 km)! Click the map!

Transmission details:

QRP: Estimated 300mW (no idea on ERP)
QRG: 10,138,925
QRV: 25-Aug-04 2130 UT until 27-Oct-04
QTH: IO91VH, 15 miles south of London, UK
Ant: Attic Longwire
Msg: Slow-Hell with 2s pixels (98s/char) + QRSS10. Cycle time: 42 minutes


First reports received from around Europe.


Message programming

The Hell section of the message "73 DE G0UPL" was created in a spreadsheet and printed. Hand-written notes indicate the memory locations assigned to each pixel, frequency shift, etc etc. The "G0UPL" QRSS10 part is very easy to program, by comparison. Programming is accomplished by setting the contents of each memory location on the toggle switches, pressing a button to program the location, then pressing another button to move to the next memory location. Full-size image...

Hellschreiber font

The Hellschreiber section of the message uses the original Hellschreiber font as far as I have been able to determine. This image is a scan of a manual page sent by Pierre ON5SL, who owns an actual vintage Feldhell machine. Thanks Pierre! Full-size image...


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