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Written by Hans Summers   
Saturday, 13 June 2009 05:50
30-SEP-04: Peter PA1SDB monitored all day, and saw just this QRSS10 section which appeared suddenly and strong. He comments: "It looks like you did switch suddenly Hi". Some chirp is visible.
01-OCT-04: 10:07 UT: The next day, the same thing happened, with another short opening. Or rather, 3 short openings... again the propagation is like a switch. In between the Hell and the QRSS10, there should be my crown trademark, which is normally the most easily identifiable part. Only a single dot of it is visible!
On the second image (left) I have drawn where the missing crown and "G" of the QRSS should be. You can see how absolute the propagation is, at Peter's distance.
01-OCT-04: A similar effect was noticed by Heinz OE5EEP: propagation suddenly "switched off" at 19:30 UT. I can assure you I did NOT even go near the clandestine beacon!
02-OCT-04: 14:08 UT: Beautiful clear reception by Peter PA1SDB. Propagation between G0UPL and PA1SDB seems to be available for only a few minutes per day sometimes, but when it is there it's really strong.
At 14:22 UT, the Hell section started. Note that the horizontal speed is a little too fast, so the letters appear horizontally stretched.
And finally at 14:42, came the "crown" trademark signature.
03-OCT-04: Nice complete cycle from Heinz OE5EEP.
04-OCT-04: First reports from Erik ON4LP in Brugge JO11OE! He reported good reception from 12 UT onwards. Here's the Hell part.
04-OCT-04: This nice clear crown was part of the same cycle as the above Hell section.
By the way: Eric is the record holder for closest reception, his distance only 238km.
05-OCT-04: Good strong reception again the following day by Eric ON4LP between 11:30 and 12:20 UT.
07-OCT-04 13:18 UT: The usual pattern with Peter PA1SDB: No reception all day, then briefly an excellent signal window opens. In this case, the window was open for only 15 minutes!
07-OCT-04: Unusual propagation conditions enabled Pierre ON5SL to receive these very faint traces of the "crown" trademark, taken on two successive intervals at 14:26 UT and 15:08 UT. At 274km, usually Pierre is too close and the signal flies right over his head.
2nd from Pierre
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